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Arnaud Desjardins in Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships There are no bad people, only badly loved people
Dipa Ma in Knee Deep In Grace Love the unlovable
Brian Doyle in Leaping: Revelations and Epiphanies I try to form a prayer in my mouth for the icy little killer
Ashleigh Brilliant in Different Seasons Be kind to unkind people
Eknath Easwaran in Love Never Faileth If you find somebody irritating, don't avoid that person
Brian L. in Meeting Wisdom When you see someone you dislike
Joan Chittister in Light in the Darkness Someone will irritate you today
Zig Ziglar in Embracing Uncertainty Every obnoxious act
Eknath Easwaran in Original Goodness Show him respect no matter how he acts.
Brian L. in Meeting Wisdom The people you most need to give love