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The Measure of a Man A mesmerizing portrait of what it's like to live in the prison of unemployment.
Two Days, One Night A triumphant drama by the Dardenne brothers about a heroine who demonstrates grace under pressure.
Jodhaa Akbar An Indian epic, an intimate love story, and an interfaith masterpiece proclaiming that everyone is deserving of respect.
Cinderella A magical, emotionally affecting screen version of this classic fairy tale.
Woman Walks Ahead A portal into the Western frontier revealing the prevalence of racism and sexism.
MLK/FBI A documentary contrasting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and J. Edgar Hoover who were regarded by different constituencies as guardians of the American dream.
Human Flow A meditative and visually stunning overview of the plight of refugees around the world.
The Salt of the Earth A monumental documentary on Sebastiao Salgado's reverent photography.