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Heavenly Creatures Reveals how pernicious fantasy can become when it is based on a deep-seated hatred of the world.
True Confessions A crime drama mixing sleuthing and sacraments, Cain and Abel.
Return of the Native Reveals how the obsession of one breathtakingly beautiful woman upsets the tranquil equilibrium of a rural English community.
L.I.E. A daring drama about a poetic and vulnerable teen who is nurtured by someone most of us would consider to be abominable.
Plenty A highly involving anatomy of disappointment in the life of an idealistic, proud, and strong-willed woman.
(500) Days of Summer A fresh and appealing romantic drama brimming with heart, creativity, and panache.
The Sense of an Ending A thoughtful probe into the efforts of an elderly man to achieve closure in a past intimate relationship.
Hollywoodland A stylish film noir about the death of TV's Superman that reveals the inevitable downward arc of disappointment resulting from high expectations and belief in the hype of success and fame.
Life as a House A soulful drama about the courage and persistence of a very alienated middle-aged man to give birth to himself in the world before leaving it.
My Life An ad executive diagnosed with terminal cancer who learns from an Asian healer how to make dying into a voyage of self-discovery and reconciliation.