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The Dignity of Difference Jonathan Sacks on hospitality to diversity and interconnectedness as enlarging the sphere of human possibilities.
Selfless Love A poem by Ellen Birx inviting us to a love feast.
Open Christianity Jim Burklo on a global culture with a common language of spiritualty.
Common Prayer on Common Ground Alan Jones on a paradigm shift in monotheism that honors diversity, which has to do with hospitality.
Sacred Jewels of Yoga Sri Ramakrishna on the many names of God.
The Wolf at Twilight A Native American elder's take on how the Creator sends different teachers and abilities to different peoples.
How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm Mie-Ling Hopgood on parenting adventures around the world that prove parents are creative and their children are resilient.
Hospitality & The Other Amos Yong on the strength of embracing mulitculturalism and multireligiosity.
Old Turtle and the Broken Truth Douglas Wood on the truths all around us and within us.
Just Hospitality A rousing cry to wake the church to the importance of reframing its understanding and practice of hospitality.