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Legacy of the Heart Shows how childhood wounds can be positively appropriated for spiritual growth.
A Prayer for the Victims of Domestic Violence Shekinah, we ask for your guidance and direction to protect wives assaulted in their own homes by husbands and partners. Fact: Serbia is in the grips of a domestic violence crisis: official figur…
Dealing with Violence Recommendations for responding to violence with journaling and reflections on Jesus' teachings.
The Underground Girls of Kabul Three life stories that illustrate the terrible plight of women in Afghanistan.
Friending Rosie A memoir that reveals the value of building relationships with people who are behind bars.
The Body Keeps the Score Stories about the efforts to help severely traumatized individuals.
The entertainment value of humiliation The entertainment value of humiliation
O. J.: Made in America A substantive and often sensationalistic documentary about the downfall of O. J. Simpson and the rage of African-Americans against injustices.
The Assistant A sobering study of power, complicity, and the enduring violence of silence.
Bombshell A vigorous retelling of an unexpected #MeToo moment.