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David Steindl-Rast in Music of Silence The economics of affluence demands
Living with Financial Insecurity Readings from teachers of the world religions and spiritual practices for coping with the worldwide financial crisis.
E. F. Schumacher Day Recognizing the contributions of an economist with a spiritual message about limits, simplicity, and peace.
Prayer for Justice in the Marketplace A petition for economic justice for all.
Cultivating Appreciation of Religious Pluralism Discussing diverse scriptural passages and applying their meaning to today's problems.
Birthday of Muhammad Yunus (PDP) Saluting the pioneer who is helping create a poverty-free world built upon a sharing economy.
Anniversary of Liberation Theology An opportunity to remember that the Gospels give preference to the marginalized, despised, and defenseless.
Spiritual Revolution in Our Democracy An invitation to reflect on the lives of the dispossessed, our values, and how we might apply them.
Build a Relationship Economy Urging to put relationships at the forefront of your personal spending and your business interactions.
Modern-Day Jubilee Recommendations for empowering your community to participate in a time of restitution and renewal.