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Educating Rita Probes the transformations that take place in the relationship between a rumpled professor and a hairdresser who wants him to tutor her in literature.
Dangerous Minds The inspiring portrait of an inner city teacher who discovers that making students feel good about themselves brings learning alive in the classroom.
The Education of Little Tree Pays homage to the spiritual elders who help us to find our place in the world.
Dead Poets Society A charismatic and unconventional teacher who tells his students to seize the day and make their lives extraordinary.
Conrack An unusually human movie about the real meaning of education, communication, and a full, rich vision of life.
The Paper Chase Appeals to the head and to the heart with its portrait of a Harvard law school student struggling to determine what is most important to him.
The Class A rounded and revealing portrait of a French teacher in a multiracial Parisian school and the challenges he faces in the classroom.
To Be and To Have A wonderful French documentary about a diligent teacher in a one-room classroom who revels in those magical moments when learning yields insight and delight.
Teachers A spunky, outrageous comedy which aims to entertain and at the same time shed some light on what really matters in education.