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Keep Me in Your Heart a While A Zen student's fretting about picking up a newspaper for ego reasons.
The Gratitude Diaries Good advice on the value of flexing your gratitude muscle.
Nothing Holy About It A teaching story about a monk who wanted the big answer.
A Glimpse of Jesus Brennan Manning on Jesus and his pleasure and approval in us as an added ingredient of the Christian faith.
Subversive Devotions Pat Youngdahl on self-love and the many manifestations of love in Christianity.
The Krishnamurti Reader J. Krishnamurti on how great beauty leads to respectful silence.
Seeking the Sacred Stephanie Dowrick on choosing a more abundant and generous way of life.
Made for Goodness Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu on exposing the myth of the self-made man and the good things that can blossom out of failure.
Essence of the Upanishads A Hindu understanding of the close relationship between will and desire.
Snow Falling on Snow A collection of quotations, with a passage on Jesus.