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The Mentor's Spirit Advice on mentors as artists of encouragement who inspire and support us.
Wisdomkeepers A collection of comments by Native American spiritual elders on history, rituals, dreams and visions, Earth, and much more.
Teach Us to Number Our Days An edifying collection of quotations on elder wisdom.
Gray Heroes Gray heroes who model for us a new way of being.
Elders on Love A fine resource for facilitating intergenerational dialogue on love and the lessons of the heart.
The Elder Brothers Reports on his encounter with this Indian tribe and their spiritual perspective.
Another Country Provides a great moral service to us with her ideas on reconnecting the generations so that each can be enriched.
Ancient Voices, Current Affairs Explores this myth of the indigenous peoples about those who will one day band together to save the Earth.
A Heart of Wisdom An anthology with over forty contributors offering insights on this stage of life.
Solar Storms A unique coming of age story about a Native American.