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The Education of Little Tree Pays homage to the spiritual elders who help us to find our place in the world.
Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud An impeccably performed psychodrama about the search for intimacy.
I'm Not Rappaport Infused with zest, humor and humanity.
Soul Food An African American drama about the importance of ritual in holding families together.
Lamerica A mersmerizing film that will soften your heart towards the plight of refugees all over the world.
Astronaut Sweet story of an old man who never gives up on a dream.
Edie Inspiring story about an adventuresome elder who discovers the fire inside herself.
Driveways A cinematic masterwork on dealing with transitions.
East of the Mountains A deeply rich and tender-hearted drama about an elder's experience of compassion.
The Truffle Hunters An absolutely charming cinematic romp with elders and their dogs hunting for a rare delicacy.