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Eyes of Compassion A teaching from Thich Nhat Hanh on a rice bowl and a sheet of paper as examples of interbeing.
Master of You How by becoming the Master of You you can evolve into a Leader of Us.
The Story of the Wind Children A fanciful tale about the adventures of a young boy and a wind sprite.
Seeking the Heart of Wisdom Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield on Mad Bear's gratitude ceremony.
Outside In A warm, evocative reminder — essential during the pandemic — that we belong to the outdoors no matter where we are.
Earth - Our Original Monastery A closing blessing by Christine Valters Paintner and Felicity Collins.
You Are Light A poetic die-cut book that draws out the radiance in nature and each of us.
The Sun in Me An extraordinary children's resource for appreciating the wonders and enchantments of the natural world
Native American Stories of the Sacred A creation story that shows how to let children blossom according to their own nature.
Water, Come Down! The Day You Were Baptized A children's book that proclaims nature as part of the family of God.