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Patch Adams The true story of a medical student who breaks the rules by daring to proclaim that the best medicine is love, laughter, and play.
Adam A romantic drama with tender and touching characters that shows how those we love can be our greatest spiritual teachers.
Dances with Wolves A shining parable about hospitality, a human resource that seems to be underrated and in short supply in our world rife with hostilities.
The Chosen Probes sharing, empathy, and patience as personal qualities at the heart of friendship.
The Mustang Uplifting story about how a wild mustang becomes a spiritual teacher to an emotionally shut-down man.
The Other Son An uplifting drama about two young men – a Jew and a Palestinian – that waters the seeds of empathy in our hearts.
We Need to Talk About Kevin An unsettling drama with a chilling portrait of a destructive mother-and-son relationship that eventually impacts the lives of others.
Shining Soul: Helen Keller's Spiritual Life and Legacy An inspiring portrait of the charisma, joy, spirituality, and service of Helen Keller.
Freaky Friday An exercise to demonstrate the spiritual practice of openness.