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What We Were Made For Sondra Wheeler on saying prayers for our enemies.
The Hundred Verses of Advice On not discriminating between friends and enemies.
God with Skin On Anne Robertson on why lots of enemies don't deserve that status.
In the Eye of the Storm Gene Robinson on loving your enemies.
Breaking the Drought Stephen Levine with a poem on forgiveness and a reevaluation of our so-called enemies.
The Hidden Gospel of Matthew On realizing we are all on the same path and letting go of any desire to see our enemies 'get theirs.'
Smile at Fear Chogyam Trungpa on the character qualities of a spiritual warrior including joy, gentleness, and fearlessness.
Befriending the Stranger A radical overview of the spiritual practice of hospitality.
Mohandas Gandhi Gandhi on the difficult art of nonviolence and the love that lies behind it.
Every War Has Two Losers A poem by William Stafford about having compassion for the enemy.