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Ecology & Liberation Leonardo Boff's devotion to serving as shepherds and custodians of other beings and being responsible for their integrity.
The Gary Snyder Reader Gary Snyder brings us this poem about connections with Earth.
Violence & Compassion Conversations with the Dalai Lama about inner disarmament and much more.
Blue Mountain F. Lynne Bachleda on the journey with nature.
Bede Griffiths Bede Griffiths on the West learning from the East how to restore the sacredness of every created thing.
Teachings of the Earth John Daido Loori on being in harmony with your life and the universe.
Blue Mountain Suggestions for finding the sacred in nature keyed to the elements, seasons, and spiritual traditions.
Praying for Peace Around the Globe Prayers for peace for all creation and for a decade of nonviolence.
Being Zen Practices for dealing with anger, fear, pain, and suffering.
Honoring the Earth Thought-provoking quotes on mostly blank pages for reflecting upon our connection to the Earth.