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Broken Rainbow An unsettling documentary about the U.S. government's assault on Navajo and Hopi people during the 1970s in an attempt to gain access to the resources beneath the earth on their sacred land.
At the Edge of the World The bold and courageous activities of volunteer eco-warriors to save whales in Antarctic waters from being illegally slaughtered by Japanese fishing fleets.
A Q&A with Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners An interview with the co-directors and co-writers of The 11th Hour, an important documentary on the state of the earth's environment.
Under the Sea A visually stunning IMAX adventure that increases our appreciation for the diversity of life.
WALL.E The tender and touching story of a lonely robot on Earth who falls in love and becomes a spiritual teacher to all who encounter him.
Patagonia Rising A documentary that makes a good case against the building of five large dams in Chile designed to make a profit for European investors.
The Way Back A World War II prison break, survival, and morality tale about the power of forgiveness as an ideal to animate a lifetime.
A Statement from Lucy Walker On making the movie.
African Cats The struggle for survival in Kenya of a wild cheetah and her newborns and an elderly lioness and her cub.
Lucy Walker's Blog Lucy Walker describes the genesis of her interest in garbage.