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The Light of Discovery Toni Packard on being present even if it's unremarkable.
Porch Talk A story about being content with your life.
A Time to Plant Kyle Kramer on hospitality as difficult and full of discomfort and messiness.
Zen and the Art of Falling in Love Brenda Shoshanna on the Zen practice of excluding nothing as a part of love.
A Tree Full of Angels Macrina Wiederkehr on how to learn to look with loving acceptance rather than having expectations.
Fearless Brenda Shoshanna on how letting go of expectations opens us to what life has to bring.
Drops Like Stars Rob Bell on how God transforms all our failures and disappointments.
Hunting for Hope Scott Russell Sanders' treasure trove of wisdom about reasons why young people can still look forward to the future.
A Step Along the Way An exploration of ways to avoid service-related burnout.
Lazy Daisy, Cranky Frankie A whimsical children's picture book about some idiosyncratic farm animals who refuse to conform to expectations.