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Monsters, Inc. A funny and frolicsome computer-animated feature that proves once and for all that laughter is a better renewable energy source than scares.
Joe versus the Volcano A wild, weird, and wonderful adult fairy tale about a man who travels halfway around the world to discover why his life is still worth living.
Invaders From Mars A sci-fi thriller, as vivid as a nightmare, about extraterrestrials who come to take over the earth.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers Speaks to our national paranoia amd intrigues us with its craftiness.
Alien A scare machine that really works.
Rana's Wedding A poignant and touching Palestinian film about love as the only valid antidote to fear in an environment of anger, hatred, violence, and death.
The Deep End An unusual film noir drama about a mother who must use all her will power and intuitive resources to keep her son from harm.
The Others Acompelling and well-done anatomy of fear.
The Haunting A psychologically apt thriller with the message that love is the only true antidote to fear.
Limbo Another challenging movie by John Sayles about the complexity of the soul and the mystery of fate.