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The Language of Life Jane Kenyon's poem "Peonies at Dusk."
Dwellings Linda Hogan on finding hope in an unlikely place.
Endgame May Sarton on enjoying a procession of graces.
The Japanese Way of the Flower H. E. Davey and Ann Kameoka on the aesthetic of the Japanese art of flower arrangement.
Finding the Blue Sky A teaching story about the benefits of meditation.
The Moonflower A children's book that fosters a sense of wonder and an appreciation of the interdependency between plants and animals.
Being Home A very special book that enables us to savor the vast love that flares up in the midst of the most bromidic tasks of our daily rounds.
Dog Songs A poem by Mary Oliver about a special dog.
Felicity Poems about living and loving in the wider world.
Voices of Flowers Rhonda PallasDowney on plants and flowers as spiritual teachers.