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Mostly Martha A highly original German drama about the startling transformation of a talented but lonely chef.
Woman on Top A romantic comedy about a Brazilian chef who tries to find a new life in San Francisco as the host of a television show.
Eat Drink Man Woman A superb interweaving of the motifs of food and the search for love
Tortilla Soup A delightful film about a Latino veteran chef, his three daughters, and their very different recipes for love.
A Chef in Love An ebullient film about a free spirit whose creative expressions of cooking and love are prodigious.
I Am Love A stylish and erotic Italian drama about the sexual awakening of a middle-aged trophy wife.
The Fish Fall in Love (Mahiha Ashegh Mishavand) A delightful Iranian film about food, cooking, love, and redemption.
I Like Killing Flies A colorful and offbeat documentary about Kenny Shopsin, a cook, entrepreneur, and raconteur in a popular Greenwich Village restaurant.
Last Holiday An appealing morality play in which Queen Latifah demonstrates a warm embrace of life with just the right mixture of humor and humanity.
Eating Reveals America's obsession with the beauty myth and how it violates the self-esteem of women.