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Praying Body and Soul A teaching story about honor and love in friendship.
The Celtic Way of Seeing Frank MacEowen on seeking a soul-friend when we lose our vision.
The Hundred Verses of Advice On not discriminating between friends and enemies.
The Friendship of Women An exploration of eight models of this subject using the lives of Lydia, Prisca, Phoebe, Martha, Veronica, Elizabeth, Anne, Mary Magdalene, and those assembled at the foot of the cross.
The Celtic Soul Friend A solid and substantive overview of the role of the anamchara in Christianity and the early Celtic church.
On Being a Friend A rounded overview of this important relationship in our lives.
Kindred Spirits Shows how these relationships nurture us.
Into the Tangle of Friendship A fascinating and incisive overview of this important relationship in our lives.
A Prayerbook for Spiritual Friends Examples of prayer conversations conducted on the telephone.
Fabulous Friendship Festival A charming and frolicsome look at the creativity and joy of friendship.