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A Simple Favor A female daring duo spread chaos in suburbia.
Bernie An inventive drama about a gregarious assistant funeral director in a small Texas town where he is widely cherished.
Dumbo A 1941 Disney animated feature about a harassed little elephant with big ears and his friendship with an imaginative mouse.
For Your Consideration A very funny satire on the Hollywood hype machine and the worthless junk it spews into the universe about movies.
Anna Karenina A fresh version of the classic romantic drama, set on a theater stage, that explores the choices people make for passion.
The Walker A morally charged drama about the nasty games played by the rich and the powerful in Washington, D.C.
Blame High school drama revealing the toxic impact of jealousy and competition.
The Princess of France A playful look at romantic dalliances by an inventive Argentinian writer and director.
Emma. A witty and charming drama based on the Jane Austen novel.
As It Is in Heaven An astonishing Swedish drama about a church choir and its creative director who take a meaningful and loving journey together.