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Birth An engrossing psychological drama that starts as a tale about reincarnation and morphs into a sobering examination of grief and the bonds that tie us to the past.
Angel Eyes An unusual romantic drama about a female Chicago police officer and a homeless man who are both trying to come to terms with loss and become lifelines to each other.
Under the Sand A powerful portrait of the ways in which grief forces individuals to live in a limbo between the past and the future.
Bounce A heart-affecting film that depiects the transforming experience of loss, guilt, and grief.
Corrina, Corrina Reveals that loyalty to life, not to time, is what heals those in deep grief.
The Guys A healing drama about two individuals from different worlds who bond together after September 11 as they work through their grief and come to see the wonders hidden in the people all around us.
Moonlight Mile A bittersweet drama about the limbo of grief and how truth-telling can open the door to liberation.
Journey A magical movie that speaks profoundly about loss, grief, forgiveness, and family solidarity.
House of Cards A stunning and compelling exploration of the power of the imaginal world -- the nonverbal realm of dreams and imagery.
Director's Statement on Water Writer/director Deepa Mehta on her film which depicts the plight of widows in India.