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Just Passing Through A wise reflection on the freedom from ego that it takes to guide people well.
American Shaman The transformative power of dance to restore and heal us.
Seeing God A passage on teachers' ability to instill wonder.
Faithful Generations A map of the generations within congregations who have different hopes, needs, and spiritual emphases.
Listening to Your Life A reminder that, by the world's standards, Jesus was crazy.
An Unspoken Hunger A story of how a hobby can link generations.
Peaceful Death, Joyful Rebirth Inspired guidance for caregivers on how to help a person experiencing the transformation of death.
Lighting the Way True humility is revealed in willingness to take on distasteful chores.
The Keepers of Color A coloring book that takes you on a mythic journey into your own limitless potential.
The Spiritual Quest and the Way of Yoga Reflections on Sri Ramakrishna's silent and profound life.