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Song One An emotionally rich drama about the healing powers of music.
Amador A meditative Spanish film about a young woman's quest to escape poverty and establish an independent life of her own.
Q&A with Apichatpong Weerasethakul Interview with the director of Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.
The Reader Takes a different approach to the Holocaust with a distinctive thematic blend of secrets, sex, guilt, and betrayal.
Looking for Eric A tribute to the power of friendship to help pull us through crises and handle problems which are too hard for us to solve ourselves.
The Oath A documentary on the toxic spin-offs from both Al-Qaeda and the U.S. War on Terror.
Cloud 9 Explores an elderly woman's passionate love affair and the ways it transforms her life.
Before the Rains A poignant drama about an Englishman's power games in colonial India that bring havoc to the lives of those around him.
The Kite Runner A memorable and moving drama about the pain of lost friendship, the yearning for forgiveness, and the freedom that comes from making amends.
Mass A fictional story that proves how open-hearted conversation can lead to healing, even after a terrible tragedy.