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Guru Yoga Explores the relationship between an enlightened master and a disciple.
Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism Sums up the basics of this spiritual tradition.
The Paradoxes of Love Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee with a story of meeting his teacher.
Don't just talk, show me Don't just talk, show me
Gurus of Modern Yoga An enlightening survey of leading yoga gurus from around the world.
The Holy Man's Journey A parabolic gem that shines with insights into the relationship between teachers and disciples.
A true spiritual teacher A true spiritual teacher
Reflects our own higher self Reflects our own higher self
Be Here Now Huge bestseller on Ram Dass' spiritual journey, the teachings of great seers, and spiritual practices to enrich everyday life.
Darshan - The Embrace An ecstatic documentary about Amma, India's hugging saint, that reveals her large reserves of unconditional love, playfulness, compassion, and service.