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Hart's War An American war movie that deals with the shadow side of our culture: racial prejudice in all of its ugly and diverse forms.
Snow in August An enchanting tale set in Brooklyn in 1947 that explores the friendship between an eleven-year-old Irish Catholic boy and a Polish rabbi.
Planet of the Apes A re-imagining of the 1968 science fiction classic that dramatizes the clash between hostility and hospitality, bringing home the destructiveness of prejudice and hatred of the other.
Nothing Personal A powerful and affecting film about the strife in Northern Ireland.
Prisoner of the Mountains A searing drama about war and ethnic hatred.
Anne Frank Remembered A tribute to her heroic spirit, which stands for all the Jewish youth who were never allowed to grow up and savor the fullness of life.
The Age of Innocence A sumptuous and poignant screen interpretation of Edith Wharton's nineteenth century novel.
A Cry in the Dark A chilling drama about a miscarriage of justice in a case created by religious prejudice, media sensationalism, legal chicanery, and police ineptitude.
American Gigolo Explores the flashy career of a male hustler.
Short Eyes Makes the point that prison is a microcosm of society's bigotries and group pressures agaisnt undesriable outsiders.