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Coma Genevieve Bujold in one of the strongest performances of her career in this well-done thriller.
Safe A haunting film about the havoc wrought on our immune systems by daily exposure to toxins and the spiritual starvation of many well-to-do people.
The Elephant Man Based on a true account of the disfigured nineteenth-century Englishman, reveals the potential of the human spirit to transcend genetic impairments.
Naked in Ashes An edifying look at the lives and spiritual practices of 20 Hindu holy men in India who meditate, serve others, and take on austerities as part of their path.
Perfect Reveals the health club fad to be a hall of mirrors filled with self-absorbed individuals.
Science and the Power of Prayer Explores the convergence of medicine and faith.
The Wedding Gift Vivdly shows how important the idea of reciprocity is to those who find themselves dependent upon others.
Recovering the Soul: A Scientific and Spiritual Search A thought-provoking lecture given by Dr. Larry Dossey on the mind-body connection.
Champions Begins in tragedy and ends in triumph.
The Other Side of the Mountain, Part 2 Marilyn Hassett as Jill Kinmont, who won two 1956 Olympic ski competitions, then was paralyzed after a ski accident during the Snow Cup Race.