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My Multicultural Upbringing By Emilija Krysén for KidSpirit's Education issue. Our cultural upbringing shapes the narratives we tell and greatly influences our views of the world. Growing up as a third culture kid, I of…
Booksmart A sassy teen comedy with extraordinary depth and flashes of brilliance.
Don't Stop A poem by KidSpirit Online contributor Jocelyn Ruffner.
Parochial Prayer By Eleanor Goetz in the KidSpirit Power issue. Three hundred forty-five years ago Roger Williams declared, “forced worship stinks in God’s nostrils.” Williams was a 17th-century English …
Top Spin A pleasant documentary about three adolescents trying to represent the U.S. in table tennis at the 2012 Olympics.
Breathe An exploration of the astonishing emotional dynamite of adolescent friendship.
The Crescent and I By Abdullah Sayed for KidSpirit's Education issue. Though I live in the middle of the multicultural metropolis of the world, Queens, I find it hard to imagine that any of my non-Muslim friends ar…
Camille Rewinds A delightful French comedy about change, the past, and time travel.
Waves An intimate family drama that plumbs powerful emotional depths.
Luce A taut psychological thriller that questions race, identity, and class assumptions.