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The Spirituality of St. Francis A spiritual journey to see how the spirit of Francis of Assisi has the power to liberate our lives today.
Practicing Spirituality with Jews Quotes and practices that reinforce this tradition's emphasis on the sacredness of everyday life.
The Spiritual Legacy of Reb Zalman An exploration of the life and thought of the grandfather of the Jewish Renewal movement.
World Wisdom Passages to reflect upon from the mystic heart of the world's religions.
The Gospel of Thomas A complete "starter kit" on this remarkable text considered to be the earliest of Jesus' wisdom teachings.
Twenty Strategies for Healing Recovering life's wholeness and holiness.
The Wisdom of the Rebbes A retreat on four ways to God embraced by Hasidism: wisdom, study, faith, and humility.
The Practice of Finding Spiritual reflections and practices to help you know that the gifts we have received are more cherished than the ones you’ve been seeking.
Advent and Holiday E-Courses A collection of holiday opportunities for spiritual retreat.
Practicing Spirituality with Catholics An exploration of this enchanted world of devotional and contemplative practices.