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Science and Wisdom Jurgen Moltmann on homelessness and the spiritual practice of compassion.
The Wanderers Henry A. Garon on how the lives of street people are mixtures of blessings and curses.
Quakers Peter Furtado on how Quakers lead the way on activism.
Soul Among Lions Will D. Campbell on offering compassion to those in need.
The Wanderers Stories about the homeless and the need to reach out to them with compassion.
At Home in the World John Hill on the soul's longing to belong.
Praying with Our Feet A timely memoir of activism and a call to action for the spiritually-minded to look outside themselves.
Jesus Was a Migrant A presentation of the importance of journey and migration in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
Soul Among Lions A collection of prophetic meditations on issues revolving around justice.
The Zen Teaching of Homeless Kodo The wisdom and teachings of a wandering Soto Zen master.