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The Icon Reborn A subversive book that challenges us to see the Divine within, around us, and behind the faces of others.
Real Presence The art nun on pre-iconoclastic icons in the monastery of St. Catherine at Mt. Sinai.
The Open Door An exploration of the meaning of these paintings in the Orthodox tradition.
Encounters with God Soulful meditations on eight ancient icons spiritually infused with beauty and beckoning us to prayer.
The Geometry of Love A commentary on ancient churches as treasure troves of art, politics, and ecclesiastical history.
Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh A rounded and authoritative survey of Eastern Orthodox spirituality where art and imagination have special significance.
Praying with Icons An Orthodox explanation of icons as aids to prayer.
Behold the Beauty of the Lord A substantive assessment of four icons as pathways to the mystery, love, and beauty of God.
A Brush with God A one-step guide to icon painting from an accomplished American iconographer.
Christ All Merciful Twenty-one full-color icons for your devotional contemplation.