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Deliver Us from Eva A film on transforming enmity by beginning with changing ourselves.
Regarding Henry The moment when a physical therapist proves to be a saint, i.e. a life-giver.
Complete Unknown A thought-provoking drama about a woman who has spent 15 years assuming different personalities.
A Borrowed Identity A touching and inspiring film by an Israeli director that fosters the spiritual practice of open-mindedness.
The Other Son An uplifting drama about two young men – a Jew and a Palestinian – that waters the seeds of empathy in our hearts.
Being in the World A bright and thought-provoking examination of philosophy and the authenticity of those who have passionately immersed themselves in life.
Being Flynn A homeless father and a troubled son are reunited for an uneasy and revealing encounter which changes them both.
Unknown A mildy engaging identity loss thriller set in Berlin
Time A mesmerizing film by South Korean director Kim Ki-Duk about cosmetic surgery and the yearning of those who put their faith in external physical changes to their bodies.
Freaky Friday An exercise to demonstrate the spiritual practice of openness.