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Relic An imaginative and moving depiction of dementia’s toll on a family.
Pawn Sacrifice A call to speak out against the neglect of those with untreated mental illness.
Barking Water A wonderful and liberating film about a dying Native American's final journey with a loving companion by his side.
Elsa & Fred The transformation of a fear-based man by a Zorba-the-Greek-like woman with a zest for life, enthusiasm, and creative daring.
Serendipity An artist’s intensely personal creative journey through illness.
Mother A touching documentary about the three virtues of a compassionate caregiver.
Welcome to Me A frolicsome comedy that gives Kristen Wiig a chance to strut her stuff.
Under Our Skin Definitively shows that chronic Lyme disease is a growing problem that has not been given a fair shake by the medical establishment.
The Beautiful Truth A powerful documentary that offers both a chilling expose of the toxins in our food and an affirmation of a plant-oriented cancer therapy.
Passion Fish A compelling film about two women whose spiritual transformation is precipitated by illness.