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Everyday Sacred Sue Bender on the beauty of a wabi-sabi approach to creativity.
Women in Praise of the Sacred A poem by Ly Ngoc Keiu on wonder.
Thoughts without a Thinker Mark Epstein with a teaching story on the mystery of death and impermanence.
Ecclesiastes Rami Shapiro's interpretation of the book of Ecclesiasties as an explanation of impermanence.
Lessons from the Dying Rodney Smith with a teaching story on death and love.
Accidental Grace A poem about the meaning of life.
From Beginning to End Robert Fulghum on contemplating one's life and death.
Awakening to Awe Kirk J. Schneider on how we can enhance awe in our lives through unknowing and the recognition of life's mysteries.
Learning to Fly Sam Keen on the artistry of a trapeze troupe as an effort to create something of fleeting and fragile beauty.
The Misleading Mind A careful and creative probe of the spiritual practice of transformation.