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Indigenous populations constitute very small minority groups. Indigenous populations constitute very small minority groups.
Toltec Wisdom Discusses the basic elements of ancient Toltec wisdom and its applications to us.
The Great Dance: A Hunter's Story An up-close and personal look at a hunter and two friends who track animals in the Kalahari desert as their ancestors did thousands of years ago.
Rabbit-Proof Fence An Australian spiritual adventure story about three courageous Aboriginal girls and their yearning to return home.
Dreamkeepers Revolves around the author's quest for access to dreamtime.
Messengers of the Gods Interviews with native seers who believe in the intertwining of the material and the metaphysical worlds.
Chac: The Rain God An unusual and beguiling documentary about the leap of faith taken by a Mexican community to ward off starvation during a drought.
Shaman, M.D. Another invaluable testament to the riches of indigenous wisdom and practice for those seeking transformation of the mind, body, and soul.
Indigenous Religions A scholarly collection of essays on spirit possession, witchcraft, rituals and cosmology.
Fire on the Mountain Reveals the need for unity and cooperation between the world-wide community of shamans.