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The Divine Life of Animals Ptolemy Tompkins on how treating animals as our brethren benefits both them and us.
Am I Really Different? Affirms the individuality of all those who feel different and celebrates the mystical perception that all are worthy of admiration.
The Karma of Cats What Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat learned about respect and authenticity from living in a household of ten rescue cats.
Going Solo Eric Klinenberg on how living alone creates a place for solitude.
The Geese March in Step A delightful parable about those who march to the beat of their own private drum.
I'm Like You, You're Like Me A multicultural children's picture book that affirms and celebrates the ways we are both alike and different.
Individualism and Public Life How seeking fulfillment for its own sake paradoxically alienates us.
Individualism and Public Life A look at the dangers of politics that merely protect or enhance private interests.
Strangers in Their Own Land Letters to those on either side of the political divide suggesting what they have in common.
No, No, No! A children's picture book about a mother who comes up with a creative way to deal with her daughter's angry defiance.