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The Holy Intimacy of Strangers Explores the spiritual practice of hospitality and unspools it as a way to neutralize our natural tendency to rush to judgment.
Praying Body and Soul Anthony De Mello's prayer between Saint Therese of Jesus and Jesus.
The Wisdom of Love Jacob Needleman on the need for lovers to nourish each other's inner life and search for truth.
A Little Book for Lovers Links mystery, connections, and compassion to the essence of love.
Intimacy in Prayer An examination of the Song of Songs through 86 sermons.
Sexual Intelligence Marty Klein on how sex is mostly a mind-trip.
Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices Rabbi Mark Dratch on how sexual relations challenge us to consider the needs and desires of another (in book by Elliot N. Dorf and Danya Ruttenberg)
Can You Drink the Cup? Spiritual refreshment for those seeking intimacy with God.
Passionate Hearts Julia H. Ackerman's poem from the section on Tender Awakenings in a collection about sexual love.
Intimacy and the Hungers of the Heart Probes this emotional connection in a world of increasing alienation and addiction.