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Spiritual Passages An excerpt on the spiritual practice of devotion from Drew Leder in his book Spiritual Passages.
Live Laugh and Be Blessed Ann Bryan Smollin on bringing more joy, laughter, and humor into our daily lives.
Astral Sex - Zen Teabags A funny compendium of definitions of New Age jargon.
I Heard God Laughing A creative and inviting rendering of a verse on silence.
Chasing Joy Edward Hays on the rich and colorful dimensions of the spiritual practice of joy.
Ostriches, Dung Beetles, and Other Spiritual Masters Janice McLaughlin on the value of laughter.
One Dharma Joseph Goldstein's story about a Zen Master's joy in the joy of children.
Jewish Tales of Mystic Joy Yitzhak Buxbaum on the importance of joyful and joy-inducing people in Judaism.
Why Is God Laughing? A parable about a comedian and his spiritual journey that serves to illustrate the path to joy and optimism.
Consider the Butterfly Carol Lynn Pearson on responding playfully and with laughter to the challenges we face.