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Iron Island A clever and thought-provoking fable about Iran.
The Edge of Democracy A hard-hitting documentary about the fall of democracy in Brazil.
Star Trek A spunky adventure that is a raft, a map, and a reinvented story
Jimmy Carter Man from Plains An inspiring documentary about former President Jimmy Carter where he puts on display his political wisdom, his Christian faith-based service, and his emotional literacy.
The Heart of the Game A zealous coach and an extraordinary African-American high school basketball star making beautiful music together by giving themselves up to the Game.
The King's Speech An enthralling and heart-stirring biodrama about an unusual friendship that transforms the life and soul of King George VI of England.
Vincere A visually sumptuous Italian drama about the shadow side of power-hungry leaders and lovers who tell themselves stories that have no resemblance to reality.
John Rabe Unusual portrait of a Nazi and German businessman who is known in China as a living Buddha for saving 250,000 citizens of Nanking during the Sino-Japanese war.
In the Loop A lively movie that sends sparks flying with its depiction of insanity and incompetence among powerful political players in London and Washington.
Che A complex portrait of Che as a revolutionary, a guerilla leader, a doctor, a believer in loyalty, and a man willing to suffer for his beliefs.