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Love Poems from God Daniel Landinsky's version of St. Thomas Aquinas' poem "What Does Light Talk About?" about beauty.
Mind the Light A salutary, illuminating, and edifying examination of the spiritual art of minding the light.
Saved by a Poem Marie Howe's poem on the power of love.
Making Love with Light John Daido Loori on being aware of the possibilities of making love with light.
A Taste for Travel A vision of the mountainous horizon that Hilaire Belloc experienced while on the march.
Quakers An uplifting account of the broad and inspiring history of Quaker activism.
Intimacy in Prayer Bernard of Clairvaux on the Spirit strengthening our faith.
The Kabbalah Reader Menachem Mendel Schneerson on how the current generation is searching for meaning and needs spiritual leaders.
A Little Book of Reflections Marilyn Sewell on letting our heroes too often carry our goodness for us.
(title not found) A CD with melodic and inspiring ballads used for healing and guidance through transitions. This song by Sandi Kimmel is about seeing the Divine in all things.