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Broken Open Reveals the ways in which suffering, loss, and adversity can yield spiritual teachings for us all.
The Radiation Sonnets Forty poems that vent the author's whirlwind of feelings about the challenging ordeal of radiation.
Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be A robust and rounded resource filled with wonderful teaching stories and practices.
Scarred by Struggle, Transformed by Hope A sturdy and salutary work on what needs to be affirmed by Christians in these tense times.
Writing in the Dust Some of the difficult lessons that can be learned from this tragedy.
Making Loss Matter Honors the mystery of suffering and grief as losses that can open our hearts through the alchemy of a living, evolving faith.
For the Time Being A plea that we recognize our roles as partners with God in the work of creating a better world.
God Has a Dream Sums up the ideas and beliefs that have served as the foundation of the South African archbishop's sermons, speeches and writings.
Transforming Our Terror Ideas and practices for coping with suffering and loss.
After the Darkest Hour Reveals ways to transform your grief, pain, and loss into soul-enhancing experiences of spiritual growth.