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Getting Home A wonderful Chinese road movie about a kind-hearted and resilient working-class laborer who takes on a difficult mission out of loyalty for a friend.
Conviction The incredible true story of a crusading sister and the love that animates her 18-year fight to free her brother from prison.
Toy Story 3 A fine family film with an edifying tale, endearing and funny characters, and an appealing emotional undertow.
The Irishman A drama with three great performances which almost rise above the retread of a screenplay.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy A top-drawer espionage thriller starring Alec Guinness in an award-winning role as a British spy given a morally challenging assignment.
A Dog's Way Home A touching story about the emotional life of a dog who is separated from her family.
The Ides of March A combo political thriller and morality play that is thought-provoking and brilliantly performed by some of America's best actors.
Hachi: A Dog's Tale A spiritual reading of an immensely appealing drama about the extraordinary devotion of a dog for his beloved human companion.
Free Men A captivating film based on the true story of an Algerian immigrant transformed into a freedom fighter during the Nazi occupation of Paris in 1942.
My Dog Tulip A funny, charming, and witty animated feature based on J.R. Ackerley's masterful memoir about his loving relationship with his dog.