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The Man in the Moon Describes the changes of parental attitude brought on by adolescence.
Under Our Skin Definitively shows that chronic Lyme disease is a growing problem that has not been given a fair shake by the medical establishment.
The Beautiful Truth A powerful documentary that offers both a chilling expose of the toxins in our food and an affirmation of a plant-oriented cancer therapy.
The Dog Doc An information-rich documentary about a compassionate and holistic approach to dog care.
The X-Files: I Want to Believe A compelling supernatural thriller with Scully and Mulder peering into the darkness and trying to fathom the inexplicable.
Doctored A hard-hitting attack on the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry's continuing attacks on alternative therapies.
The Fountain A spiritual movie set in three centuries about death, the tree of life, the fountain of youth, and love that will not let us go.
The Heart of Nuba An inspiring and enlightening portrait of a Catholic doctor in Africa serving over a million people every year
Take My Nose... Please! A wide-ranging purview of plastic surgery, conveyed through the stories of the many female comedians who have tried it.
A Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism An informative and moving documentary about challenges and new developments in our understanding of autism.