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Global Spirit - Stories to Remember An exploration with host Phil Cousineau of the lives of two people who have made storytelling their central focus.
NOVA scienceNOW: Where Did We Come From? Scientific projects that probe the many mysteries of evolution.
Solaris - Criterion Collection An alluring science fiction morality tale directed by the Russian genius Andrei Tarkovsky.
9 Songs Explores the melding of rock music and the playfulness of sex.
Belle Toujours An elegant and poignant sequel to the 1967 movie Belle de Jour about memory, time, and human yearning.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind A fascinating psychological drama exploring the manifold complexities of memory, love, desire, and disappointment.
Mansion by the Lake Draws us into a circle of sympathy for a widower and her daughter who are about to lose what is most precious to them.
Memento A puzzle thriller about a man with amnesia, turns out to be an intriguing probe of identity, loss, mental instability, mystery, and trust.
After Life An exquisite film about the afterlife that lingers in the mind and in the senses for many days.
To Forget Venice An enchanting Italian film with eye inveigling visuals.