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Holy Ground Acknowledging that the place where you live is holy ground through the spiritual practices of connections, gratitude, meaning, and attention.
Enjoy the Comforts of Home A spiritual exercise to help you explore the moods and meanings of winter.
Diane Ackerman in A Natural History of Love The heart is a museum
Macrina Wiederkehr in Gold in Your Memories There's a whole world of memories
Memorial Day Prayers of remembrance for those who died in many wars and for reconciliation with those who also try to keep the peace in their own ways.
Be Kind to Animals Week Things to do and think about during the annual week-long celebration of the important role animals play in our lives.
Joyce Rupp in The Cup of Our Life I will carry one blessed memory
A Treasured Memory A personal practice for a sense of closeness to someone we've lost.
Memory Stacking A gratitude practice based on recalling positive memories.
Long-term Gratitude Remembering those who have helped you in different moments of your life.