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Manning Up Kay Hymowitz on preadults having the feeling of being in continuous transition.
In the Loyal Mountains In the Loyal Mountains: Stories by Rick Bass explores the interplay between men and the natural world.
Quest for the Grail A men's retreat in which Rohr uses the myth of the Grail as a spur to inner work.
Fire in The Belly The right book for all those who want to explore what it means to be a full-summed and spirited man.
Gilead An enchanting novel about an elderly Congregational minister and the legacies and memories he wants to pass on to his seven-year-old son.
Fathering the Next Generation Explores the inner work being done to bring changes to this responsibility.
Adam's Return Insights and challenges to those eager to set out on the path of meaning, wholeness, and freedom.
A Widow's Story Joyce Carol Oates on the quintessential male as unknowable, elusive.
Lying with the Heavenly Woman Explores the importance of interior and exterior feminine elements.
Soul Brothers Stirring meditations and prophetic comments on the mission of Christian churches using the paintings of Louis Glanzman as a launchpad.