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Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices Elliot Dorff and Louis Newman on how money is something to be grateful for because it is not only a result of our efforts.
The Energy of Money A nine-hour presentation designed to help individuals achieve enlightened money management.
Money and the Meaning of Life Reveals self-understanding to be the only true wealth.
In This Very Life Sayadaw U Pandita's teaching story about true gratitude.
Necessary Wisdom Jacob Needleman with a story of Lincoln facing his own vulnerability.
Money as Sacrament An illuminating work full of personal stories and spiritual exercise.
Money Makes The World Go Around Makes the dynamics of the global economy accessible to those of us who are similarly untrained in such complex financial matters.
Becoming the Compassion Buddha Lama Yeshe's teaching story on joy.
Nickel and Dimed Exposes the shadow side of American capitalism where hard-working people with low-paying jobs can't make ends meet despite their good intentions and energy.
Money Magic Excellent exercises that will help you draw out your hidden feelings about money.