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Discovering the Feminine Father Bede Griffiths discusses the Sacred Feminine.
The Willow Tree A spiritual masterpiece on gratitude, transformation and surrender to God.
Global Spirit - The Mystical Experience Three experts from different religious traditions contemplate the path of achieving “direct contact” with the Divine.
The History and Interpretation of the Bible Father Bede Griffiths challenges us to read the Scriptures in the context of the Vedanta, Buddhism, Taoims and the Sufi myths.
The Making of a Modern Mystic Andrew Harvey discusses his spiritual journey.
The Wisdom of a Prophet Two lectures on a Christian perspective that embraces both modern science and Eastern mysticism.
Rumi - Turning Ecstatic A documentary tracing a Canadian woman's journey to find out more about Rumi's incredible impact upon our world.
Divining the Divine Mystics, scientists, and relgious writers ponder the big questions.
Rumi: Poet of the Heart A documentary that conveys the enchantment of Rumi's spirituality and the imaginative imagery of his poetry,
The Mystic's Journey with Huston Smith Explores the riches of the spiritual traditions of Sufism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Hinduism.