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Living Myth Examines ways of caring for the soul in a time when withdrawal, depression, and addiction are so rampant.
Signs of Life Explores the meaning and significance of the five basic shapes in the art of all countries.
Sacred Trees Offers good advice and wise counsel on this stage of life.
The Green Knight A novel that mixes philosophy and mythology to tell a tale of personal transformation.
The Lost Dove Studded with lyrical insights into the quest for peace from art, literature, mythology, mysticism, and religion.
Trickster Makes This World Explores the interface between mischief, myth, and art.
Other Creations A thought-provoking survey of the interplay between humans and animals.
A Mythic Life A meta-biography by this accomplished psychologist, scholar, philosopher and teacher.
A Blue Fire Thomas Moore on the archetypal psychology of James Hillman and his views on beauty, the soul, and mythology.
The Green Man A gift box with a plaque and book celebrating the representative of the natural world who reflects our ties to the earth.