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The Mighty This heartwarming tale celebrates imagination as two outsiders attempt to transcend their disabilities, loneliness and familial problems.
First Knight A spectacular entertainment with a king-sized serving of romance and ritual.
Nadja A clever and innovative take on vampire mythology in a contemporary tale set in New York City.
Return of the Jedi Scores with its imaginative sweep, colorful characters, and ambitious mythology
Excalibur English film director John Boorman's spellbinding dramatization of the Arthurian myth.
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Lucas has fashioned a fascinating pluriverse of outer space works filled with strange and amazing creatures and special effects.
Merlin An imaginatively realized slice of Arthurian mythology.
Interview with the Vampire Presents the meaninglessness of any existence where feelings are disregarded or downplayed.
Song of the Sea An Irish folktale about facing our fears, embracing death and human frailty, walking in wonder and returning home as transformed beings.
Superman A rousing scren version about America's foremost folk hero.